I wish to thank the following people and institutions for their help and inspiration:

P. Weiss and Dr. M. Cheng, for their instruction, discipline, and encouragement in the mastery of piano.

Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ, for allowing me to audit their Web Development master’s level class taught by S. Gabarro in which I learned Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Apache and the science of programming clean code.

C. DelRosario, sculptor, graphic artist, web designer, and team lead for Stevens Institute web development, Provost Office, for advancing my knowledge of HTML markup language, web site architecture, and teaching me the logic supporting website layout.

D. Elliott, Emmy Award winning sound editor and professional photographer, who encouraged me to teach piano, learn photography, play jazz, and trust God.

B. Flanders, Music Ministry Director, Fountain Baptist Church, for inviting me to accompany joyful gospel keyboard and piano for a soulful choir filled with Holy Spirit power.